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    手机电玩城捕鱼官方网站This news interested La Touche greatly, and he sat smoking into the small hours seeing how far he could work these new facts into the theories of the crime which he and Clifford had discussed. If the prosecution were correct, Felix must have been the man who called at the cartage establishment at 7.30 on Tuesday evening. He would therefore have had undisputed possession of the cask from about 11.00 a.m. on the Wednesday until, say 7.00 on the following morning, and there were two obvious ways in which he could have put in the body. Either he could have procured another horse and taken the cask to St. Malo, where, in the privacy of the walled yard, he could have removed the statue and substituted the body, returning the cask to the shed by the same means, or he could have hidden the body in his two-seater and run it to the shed, making the exchange there. Unfortunately, La Touche saw, the facts he had just learnt would fit in only too well with the theory of Felix’s guilt.


    ‘No. That’s one of the things I wanted to ask you about. I am not quite sure how you get an order.’
    ‘There remains therefore the carter, and, as we must neglect no possibilities, I will ask you to give me the address of the cartage firm and any information about the man that you may have.’
    Truly these three discoveries, the letter signed ‘Your heartbroken Emmie,’ the bent brooch on the curtain, and the tell-tale impression on the blotting paper seemed to the Inspector entirely to settle the question of Felix’s guilt.


    1.He took the paper and scrutinised it carefully. Then he held it up to the light.
    2.The detective began to turn over the leaves of his pocket-book as if looking for something.
    3.‘Every place was windy that day. It was an abominable crossing.’
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